What We Look for During Interviews

What We Look for During Interviews

We’re currently looking for business-minded people to join Team Events ByKeko, Inc. When we evaluate potential hires during the interview process, there are some traits we always look and listen for in order to find the right fits. Here are a few things jobseekers can do to stand out from the crowd and leave lasting positive impressions:

• Show Unique Value: More than anything else, being prepared to describe the value they bring to the table makes candidates memorable. When we interview someone who has clearly researched Events ByKeko, Inc. and the position he or she wants to fill, we feel confident about adding that person to our team.

• Ask the Right Questions: We listen closely for the kinds of questions each candidate asks. If their inquiries are focused on things like company values, ongoing education options, and advancement opportunities, we’re more likely to consider people good fits for our work culture.

• Maintain Positive Body Language: Nonverbal cues are key elements of every job interview. We look for candidates who make consistent eye contact, sit up straight, and offer warm smiles from the other side of the table. Those who project confidence as they make their cases for getting hired put themselves in the driver’s seat.

As we look for the ideal fits for the Events ByKeko, Inc. culture, we’re paying special attention to these interview fundamentals. Like us on Facebook for more of our hiring insights.