Team Travel and Networking Opportunities

Team Travel and Networking Opportunities

As members of Team Events ByKeko, Inc., we enjoy all kinds of travel incentives. We receive opportunities to expand our horizons at conferences, retreats, and networking events. The more we venture out into the wide business world, the more we come to appreciate our own unique mix of talents and personalities.

Shaine, our firm’s President, explained, “Giving our people the chance to earn trips keeps them even more engaged in performing at their best. We offer all kinds of recognition for great performance, but sending someone on a rewarding travel event is the ideal way to show that we’re invested in his or her long-term success.”

When it comes to networking on the road, Shaine has a few tips. “Perhaps the simplest and most effective strategy is to listen more than you talk,” he remarked. “When our team members set out to expand their Events ByKeko, Inc. contact lists, they need to show genuine interest in other people’s careers. By asking open-ended questions, our people find common ground right off the bat. From there, it’s easier to lock in on shared passions and goals.”

Offering some kind of help is also an essential part of successful networking. Shaine stated, “Even if it’s just a book recommendation, doing something nice for someone really makes a lasting impact. An unsolicited favor is a great way to set the stage for a beneficial bond.”

Traveling helps us gain fresh perspectives on what’s possible in our industry. Follow Events ByKeko, Inc. on Twitter to receive updates on our business trips.