The Strength of Our Team Is the Success of Our Firm

The Strength of Our Team Is the Success of Our Firm

Now is the time to join us at Events ByKeko, Inc. We’re expanding, and that means we’re on the lookout for fresh talent to infuse our team with new perspectives.

Our training has been optimized to make the most of team members’ time, explained Shaine, President of Events ByKeko, Inc. He pointed out that we don’t waste time on last year’s videos and manuals. Our newest members get hands-on training as we immerse them in the campaign development process from day one.

When we begin the interview process with someone, there are some important features we look for, such as:

• Would I Hang Out With This Person?: Obviously we are interviewing for team members, but at the same time it’s important that they would thrive in our office environment. We’re a close-knit group that spends a lot of time together, both in and outside of work.

• Is He/She a Team Player?: Teamwork is one of our core company values. Anyone who wants to join our organization should be able to demonstrate their ability to work well with others. One way we learn about attitudes toward group effort is by asking about any accomplishments listed on a résumé. If a person is willing to give credit to other people for helping him or her succeed, we feel more confident they are team players.

Career-minded professionals will find being part of our organization to be a fulfilling challenge. Find out more about our culture and training system by following Events ByKeko, Inc. on Twitter.