Simple Ways to Maximize Commute Productivity

Simple Ways to Maximize Commute Productivity

We’re committed to getting the most value from every hour of the typical Events ByKeko, Inc. workday. That includes the time we spend traveling to and from the office, which is why we use these reliable strategies to turn our daily commutes into productive uses of time.

One of the simplest ways we’ve discovered to improve commutes is to reflect on our thoughts. By thinking about current objectives and past achievements, we clear our minds for the day to come. Sometimes we listen to our favorite music as we do this, but silence is often our best friend when it comes to getting in touch with our inner musings.

Clearing our minds also helps us organize priorities for the workday ahead of us. Once we’ve meditated for a few minutes, we think about the most important tasks we need to complete when we arrive at our desks. This allows us to tackle our top priorities as soon as we get to the office without being distracted by emails or typical online diversions.

We’ve also found that listening to learn is a great way to get more value out of our commute time. Both on the way to Events ByKeko, Inc. HQ and back home, we check out podcasts and audiobooks that deliver innovative insights to inspire our best performances.

These are just a few of the methods we apply to have more productive commutes. Find more of our best recommendations for getting maximum value out of the workday by following Events ByKeko, Inc. on Twitter.