Our Favorite Interview Questions

Our Favorite Interview Questions

When we evaluate potential additions to Team Events ByKeko, Inc., there are a few key bits of information we want to learn. Here are the questions our hiring managers pose to interviewees to find the ideal fits to join our team.

Perhaps more than anything else, we want to know what one skill makes each person a good match for the position he or she wants to fill. Although we certainly want to find the best cultural fits, we believe it’s important to ensure that any potential hire fully understands what a job really entails. When we ask for one specific ability that aligns with a job, we learn how much a person has prepared for the interview.

We also ask candidates what their personal working styles are. It’s important to find people who will fit well with our team atmosphere, so we want to identify strong collaborators. We want to home in on the best person for the specific job and for our entire team dynamic.

Asking about the areas in which candidates want to improve is another solid strategy we use during Events ByKeko, Inc. interviews. Constant learning is a big part of our company ethos, so it’s nice to know if someone is already working toward improvement on his or her own.

These are the types of questions we ask to zero in on the best fits for our team. Check out the Events ByKeko, Inc. Newswire for more information on our hiring philosophy.