Expanding and Hiring in 2019

Expanding and Hiring in 2019

We’re accustomed to setting ambitious goals around the Events ByKeko, Inc. office, so we’re well equipped to aim high in 2019. Shaine, our firm’s President, has expansion and hiring objectives in mind for the new year. We’re excited to turn the calendar to January and start making progress toward these lofty ambitions.

Writing out our goals is one of the key strategies we’ve discovered for achieving success. Putting the outcomes we want to achieve on paper is inspiring because it helps us focus on the action steps we need to take. When we encounter resistance of any kind, looking at our aspirations in written form has a way of re-focusing our energies.

We also get as specific as possible when it comes to the objectives we want to achieve. This goes for the end result we intend to reach and the date by which we need to do so. With clear final results and firm deadlines in place, it’s easier to stay fully engaged right through to the finish line.

When evaluating potential additions to Team Events ByKeko, Inc. in 2019, we’ll emphasize a few key attributes. Growth mind-sets are essential for our brand experts, as we stress constant improvement from each person’s first day on the job. We’ll also be looking for candidates who have proven track records of adapting to change.

The year to come promises to be a successful one for Events ByKeko, Inc. Follow us on Twitter for regular updates on our achievements.