Events ByKeko, Inc. on the Struggles of a Wandering Mind

Everyone struggles with focus from time to time, although some people have beyond-average difficulty taming their wandering minds. As we at Events ByKeko, Inc. have learned, researchers and cognitive neuroscientists Mike Esterman and Joe DeGutis are trying to help people overcome this issue.

So far, their work has shown substantial promise. The human brain is malleable. This means it’s possible to improve its strength and efficiency. The only trouble is that changing anything regarding the brain requires intense focus. This is clearly a problem if the issue that needs to be improved is focus itself.

Psychologist Tim Pychyl points his finger at procrastination. He says it usually kicks in during stressful times, so resolving underlying stressors makes a huge positive impact. He also points out that willpower is akin to a muscle. If you exercise it, it will get stronger. At Events ByKeko, Inc., we interpret this information as evidence that practicing focus will improve it.

Esterman and DeGutis are helping this process by stimulating the appropriate areas in the brains of people with wandering minds. Doing so helps build awareness of those moments when attention is tempted where it shouldn’t be. With this awareness, people can deliberately halt their thoughts and redirect them back to where they belong.

Our team members at Events ByKeko, Inc. are excited to see where this work leads people who struggle to focus.