Events ByKeko, Inc. Reveals the Eccentric Habits of Geniuses

Many geniuses are known not only for their brilliance, but for their eccentric behavior as well. Einstein smoked tobacco from discarded cigarette butts, for instance. At Events ByKeko, Inc., we are fascinated by such quirks. It turns out that these eccentricities even have some valuable benefits:

  • A Gold Room: Yoshiko Nakamatsu patented thousands of inventions, which include the floppy disk. He spent time in a bathroom fully tiled in gold. He said it prevents television and radio waves from harming the imagination. It turns out that overexposure to radio waves does have negative cognitive effects, so he was onto something.
  • The Value of Chill: Bright minds like Benjamin Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt were fond of swimming in cold water. The shock forced fresh blood to move throughout the body. We at Events ByKeko, Inc. will try cold showers, but we’ll forego the ice baths!
  • A Salt Test: When it came to hiring, Thomas Edison was thorough. He even administered a test that required potential employees to enjoy soup with him. Anyone who added salt to their bowls without tasting the soup first failed his test. Edison felt it signified the propensity to make choices based on assumptions instead of evidence.

Our team members at Events ByKeko, Inc. appreciate the quirks of genius minds, as well as the benefits they reveal. What important lessons have you learned from such eccentricities?