We Emphasize Strong Student Mentalities

We Emphasize Strong Student Mentalities

It’s our belief around the Events ByKeko, Inc. office that having a growth mind-set is an essential element of achieving long-term success. Shaine, our firm’s President, explained that pushing past challenges and navigating learning curves are vital behaviors in our industry. Constant improvement is the name of the game for our team members, which is why we employ the following strategies in our training efforts:

• Creating Clear Plans: Whatever our team members need to know, we develop clear plans to help them learn. For both our initial training and ongoing education, we create structured programs based on each person’s professional role.

• Hosting Regular Sessions: Our brand experts learn through many avenues, including travel events and hands-on coaching. We also have regular in-house training sessions so we can teach advanced skills and prepare our team members for any changes that might be coming to Events ByKeko, Inc. HQ.

• Setting Goals: Growth mind-sets are invaluable, but only if people can actually track the progress they’re making as they refine their knowledge and skills. We help our brand experts set specific objectives for their development. From there, we monitor progress through regular check-ins. Our people are well-equipped to make adjustments as they close in on their growth goals.

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