Our Commitment to Expansive Training

Our Commitment to Expansive Training

Around the Events ByKeko, Inc. office, we believe in helping our team members reach their fullest potential. There aren’t many companies that can match our commitment to in-depth training, both for new hires and seasoned team members.

Shaine, our firm’s President, explained, “We put people in position to thrive by giving them hands-on experience right off the bat. As our newest team members learn in all aspects of our operations, they are helped along by dedicated coaches. Our more experienced brand experts can share their unique insights because they’ve come up through the same system.”

Our focus on in-depth education continues long after team members master the basics of their positions. Shaine believes this makes Events ByKeko, Inc. an ideal destination for driven jobseekers. He remarked, “People want to know they’ll have clear avenues toward career advancement. Our emphasis on continuing education acts as an effective recruiting tool for that reason.”

Of course, we also give ourselves a competitive edge by focusing on constant improvement. Our industry is rapidly evolving, so it’s essential that we keep our people up to speed on emerging trends and techniques. Shaine added, “We’re known as an innovator in the on-site sales promotions world. Our commitment to learning new things every day is a big part of this reputation.”

We’re excited to keep building our training program. Follow Events ByKeko, Inc. on Twitterfor more on our immersive education approach.