Interactive Marketing With Events ByKeko

At Events ByKeko, we know event-based marketing better than anyone. You’ve got the product expertise. Let us combine these elements to create a foundation for our dynamic marketing campaigns and generate excitement on your behalf.
In every initiative, we put data to work to get to know your target market – and not just on the surface level. We’ll start the conversation and keep it robust.
Our experts never do anything on a small level. On average, our 12-day campaigns will inspire connections with 20,000 customers – and throughout, your product will be in the spotlight. We operate with a laser focus on building real bonds that increase sales.

Successful Outsourcing With Events ByKeko

Leave strategy development, research, scheduling, and creative to Events ByKeko. We’ll execute it flawlessly, leaving you to concentrate on building your business.


Market Savvy

At Events ByKeko, our people go above and beyond to shout your message from the rooftops with campaigns tailored to your brand’s specific needs.

Hit the Ground Running

We’ve combined our production and design talent into a single, agile team, cutting down the time to market and making campaign adjustments lightning fast.


Go Viral

Events ByKeko’s methods put us on the level with your customers, allowing our campaigns to communicate effectively. Your brand’s messages will go viral.

Collaboration is at the heart of our success.

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